Grape, Chocolate & Marshmallow Bread

In the days when printed newspapers were the norm, I kept dozens and dozens of the recipes from the weekend supplements. This a Jamie Oliver recipe and of course I was intrigued by the thought of a sweet bread. This was part of my first entry to my work’s Bake Off event (the next 2 I have since been involved in planning).

This was probably my first attempt of bread making and it clearly shows (not that it’s improved much since!). Knowing how I’d probably interpret the recipe, it probably said to add the marshmallow and grapes part way through the proving process, but I was probably too cautious with the mixture to probably embed the ingredients (or at least make it look less like pizza!). It’s a little comical and embarrassing how similar the proving bread looks to the final product. I know there was rosemary in the recipe but I can’t remember how much of an impact it made to the overall taste. Hopefully I still have the recipe cut-out somewhere to attempt it again.


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