Millionaire Shortbread (Dec 2015)

This is my 1st Christmas Eve working at my current company and I wanted to reward the staff who were in the daily meeting I minute for still being in work. Overall they turned out alright. I could improve the ratio of shortbread, caramel and chocolate. Looking at the cross-section I think I may have…… Continue reading Millionaire Shortbread (Dec 2015)

21/02/2015 – Welcome to Scouse Sweets

I’ve been wanting to start this kind of a blog for a while, I was just waiting for a good name. Baking is one of my top hobbies. I wouldn’t call myself a baker or chef. I’m still an amateur. But people love a trier. And I love seeing new recipes or flavours, following the…… Continue reading 21/02/2015 – Welcome to Scouse Sweets