Cherry Bakewell Cheesecake

I wanted to bake a gift for Mothers Day and my mum loves Bakewells. Something makes me think this wasn’t my first time making this though. It’s always nice to munch on the spare amaretti biscuits used for the base.

These type of cheesecakes are not a quick make. Often with baked cheesecakes they need time cooking in the oven, time cooking in the oven with the door ajar, time cooking with the oven switched off and then time to cool. My family live an hour away from me, and whether I didn’t give myself enough time or whether there was too much mixture I’m not sure, but it wasn’t completed cooked through. You can probably tell the difference in consistency between the edges and the centre. I had to sneak some time in the oven whilst the Sunday roast dinner was being finalised to finish it off to make it all edible.


I think this was the recipe I used


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