Campfire Delight Cake

Campfire Delight Cake

I made this as one of the Executives was leaving for another role and someone told me he liked chocolate. In my family there’s our go-to chocolate cake recipe, so I wanted something that was a little more decadent with some opportunity for decoration (as opposed to a Devils Cake which to me looked too plain).

It’s a 6 layer cake, quite soft and brownie-esque texture with a marshmallow frosting and malt chocolate frosting. My uniformity of the layers needs some work as I didn’t an even bake (need to check my oven) and I didn’t cut it every evenly.

But I was really pleased with the malt frosting. I often struggle with an icing’s texture and consistency so it’s too hard to apply, particularly to the sides of a cake. I’m tempted to use the frosting recipe to ice cupcakes and see if I can improve my cupcake decorating technique.

It was a very satisfying feeling when I had nothing to take back but a slither of frosting on the cake board. I definitely need a larger cake carrier!



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