Angel Food Cake

This Angel Food Cake is another birthday bake for one of my bosses at work.

I was fixating more on the present aspect so I left the recipe research to the last minute. So good old Pinterest to the rescue. I couldn’t quite remember what cakes this person liked, but I know she can have willpower to resist some cakes and I think she would prefer something fresh rather than chocolate.

So when I searched for light cakes this appeared and looked really appealing. Angel Food looks to be a traditional US cake in the same way they have Hummingbird and we have Coffee and Walnut Cake or Batternburg (mmmmm Batternburg …)

It’s essentially a meringue (one of these days I’ll learnt the difference in types) with flour. The toppings were double cream with a little icing sugar and then pile on the fruit.

I can’t say how it tasted because I never got a piece! And the birthday lady nearly didn’t get any either!


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